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ATM Placement

If you wish to have an ATM in a location, EARN MONEY, but

don’t want to invest in one.

Free ATM Placement Program

Get monthly income with no work.

All you have to do is request one , and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll provide you with a Top-quality ATM, fully programmed, at no cost. We’ll also handle all services involved in the operation, including installation, maintenance, repair, cash loading and processing.


You don’t have to worry about a thing. Just save us a good spot for the ATM, provide standard electricity, and internet.

ATM Placement Partnership Program

Get higher income by participating in the operations.

You take care of the cash handling, and you earn even more profit!

That’s right, you can earn a higher percentage of the charge fee if you operate the cash load/reload and provide money for the cash withdraw. It’s a very simple procedure.


We’ll provide you with a Top-quality ATM, fully programmed, at no cost. We’ll also handle the installation, maintenance, repair, and processing services.


You support us with a good spot for the ATM, standard electricity, and internet. And we are always here, in case you have any question loading the machines, setting them up or any other matter.

ATM at your Event Program

Let us help you!

Our experienced team will ensure that the machines are always functioning well, loaded, and safe. You’ll have one of our technicians “in-loco” to ensure a pristine operation.


We are supported by a real-time system that provides information about each ATM’s performance, has alerts for low cash balance, low paper, low ink, and alerts for repairs.


We’ll provide you with a Top-quality ATM fully programmed spare parts and spare ATMs in case of any setback. We’ll also handle the installation, processing, maintenance & repair.

ATM Purchase

If you wish to own an ATM or a network of ATMs.

Full-Service Purchase Program

Want to invest without any hassle? This program is perfect for you.

We help you find the best locations, negotiate with Landlords, install and program the ATMs, manage the cash reloading, equipment maintenance, systems and software updates and fee processing.


You can lay-back and watch your returns, the ATMs performance or others features, through the convenience of any mobile device.

Sole-rider Purchase Program

For you that want to adventure yourself in the world of ATMs, run the business and earn 100% of the ATM charged fees.


We’ll support you finding the most suited ATM model, software, and program, according to your specific needs.

ATM solutions

Need an ATM at your store or event? We can help!

Whether you want to own an ATM or just have one nearby without investing, we offer a selection of programs for you to choose from. Find your best fit!


Contact us now!

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